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The Bride at the CrossRoads
The Bride at the CrossRoads

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It’s a packed evening with all her friends, guests and well-wishers arriving. The sound of the shehnai is mesmerizing. Emotions are running high. The kids are boisterous. Amidst all this noise, the anxious bride peeps through her window. She takes a pause to recollect and reflect. In her mind, the noise disappears. There is eerie silence as she goes into a dream world. She is at yet another cross road.

The red shades bring her smiles, symbolizing new energy, hope and excitement for togetherness. Her eyes turn around as she goes down memory lane. The blue shades symbolize the happy times that she’s had. The culmination of the two colors means that her lucky charm and the memories will remain with her forever.

Her new journey begins.

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