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Relaxing with Nature
Relaxing with Nature

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2002. Peling, Sikhim (India). It was time to return to Kolkata. The mind had to obey but the heart wanted more.

The balcony in the hotel room had a breathtaking view of the Himalayan range. The first morning had been chilly but clear. As he opened the curtains, the Kanchenjunga peak had showered its divine presence. What a sight it was.
The local sightseeing trips had a unique and homely touch. The music that played in the Jonga had a nice romantic blend mixed with some old numbers. Scenes from the movies flashed by as we passed the mountain bends. The hot snacks and tea at the roadside cafes tasted so special. The hospitality of the common man would surely make us come back soon.

All these thoughts were on his mind as he sat on the rock. Pensive and thoughtful. With wishes on his mind. A desire to stay much longer than planned.