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In God's Own Country
In God's Own Country

December 26th, 2009. The much awaited trip finally began. As the plane maneuvered over the Kochi airport, his smiles multiplied. The sight of coconut trees, the curves creating the beach-line and the citadel like church was breathtaking.
Four hours later, the backwaters were there to embrace us.
He was in a playful mood. The children were overjoyed. They had spotted the vantage point. A winning feeling. I was speechless.
Nature was at its very best. The backwaters giving way to the vast expanse of the ocean. A wavering boat enjoying its solitary and shaky ride. On my right, a beautiful swimming pool, waiting to invite us. The edge of the swimming pool kissing the shores of the backwater. The clouds waiting for their turn to come calling.

I was selfish enough to occupy the only chair in my line of sight. The next days were the most serene and blissful experience of my life.
Welcome to God’s loveliest creations.

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