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As a child, I was mesmerized by tales of peacocks dancing in the rain. Their wings, showcasing the dazzling display of colors. But that evening, it was different. Post the panoramic sunset, the outskirts of the famous Aamer Fort in Jaipur, Rajasthan had yet another surprise for us.

We stopped the car. This scene was different. Gazing into opposite directions, the two peacocks were reflective yet poised. The moods seemed different.

The backdrop of the sky revealed the contrast.
The mother peacock on the right, a little perturbed, aware of the hardships of survival. The bare leaves, reminding her of the lurking dangers. Beyond the stones, the black shades indicating the edge of the cliff.
On the left, the younger peacock, was enjoying her worldview. Inside the gutsy winds, she could still see her favorite colors. The blue shades and leafy covers. Excited and ready to spread her wings

I thanked Mother Nature and whispered to my little girl, “Look, the mother peacock stands guard, while her baby enjoys the positive vibes of life.”

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