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A Room with a View

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The Chikmaglur District in Karnataka, India is home to innumerable tourist spots and scenic resorts. With the summer vacations drawing a close, we decided to take an unplanned plunge.

Next to the Bhadra reservoir is this beautiful Jungle resort. We unpacked our bags, sipped the welcome drinks and straightaway headed for a Jungle safari. The evening boat ride was extra special. As we maneuvered through the silent backwaters, all eyes were on the hillock at the center. As evening explorers, how serene would it be to camp at that hillock? As we approached the mini-island, a breathtaking sight awaited us. Hundreds, if not thousands of River Terns, were flying around, feeding and kissing past the low lying ranges. Some whizzed past us, while others picked on fishes with their beaks. The little hillock was their paradise.

An eventful day led to a blissful evening. As night fell, standing on the balcony of my jungle cottage, I looked up at the sky. The moon at its full, spread a silvery charm through its light. Like a blanket, wishfully covering the backwaters. The silence was dominating.
The fragrance of the flowers kept me holding as the hours passed by on that lovely night.

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