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A Romantic Corner Speaks of the Candle Lite Dinner
A Romantic Corner Speaks of the Candle Lite Dinner



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The decision to celebrate their 10th anniversary indoors was not planned. A last minute office commitment took its toll. As his flight landed against the late night skyline, he was getting restless. He pulled the gift close to his heart. The surprise moment was about to arrive. The kids jumped as soon as they heard the doorbell. There she was, decked up and excited to welcome him. She had spent hours decorating the dinner table, planning every detail. The fragrance of flowers, the freshness of the oriental cuisine, the bottle of champagne and the shining glasses added to their romance. As she lit the candle, he was moved.

This dinner was truly magical. A cool breeze whistled through the night. They held their new collage, reminiscing the beautiful moments and emotions that they had shared together.
She put the red candle stand to rest. He remembered that it was from their first anniversary. He picked up a rose from the bouquet and gave it a new home. The candles flickered next to the pretty vase. It was late into the night but the shadows in the red background kept them awake. They looked into each other’s eyes.

While the world slept, they talked.

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